- traceability for plastics 

rel8 develops new traceability technology for plastics production. We focus on manipulation of surface textures in the molding step, thereby avoiding unnecessary process steps and materials

rel8 traceability solutions provide:

— Compliance

— Authenticity

— Simplicity

— Efficiency

— Sustainability 

— Reliability


— Marking during molding cycle

— Microstructured markings

— No ink, label or pigments

— No machinery or equipment

— Scans with Vision and smartphone

Meet our first product:

"World's Smallest Barcodes" for injection molding

imZERT is a new technology for highly visible 2D barcodes on very small plastic products

imZERT is based on inserts with micro-structured surfaces

imZERT helps you with:

- compliance with traceability requirements for medical devices

- optimizing Lean processes in high-volume production

- improving recycling and sustainability

and more...

- traceability for plastics

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